11 Best Karva Chauth wishes!!!

August 31, 2020 By Poonam Kushwaha
Karva Chauth wishes
Karva Chauth wishes

Karva Chauth wishes

Karwa Chauth (Karva Chauth) is one of the most prominent Hindu festivals celebrated in India by married women. Popular culture has propagated it as an occasion to celebrate the marital bond but there are, in fact, many other relationships it honours and several other ways to celebrate it.

The most popular tradition is that where the wife keeps a fast during the day in a ritualistic prayer for the long life of her husband. This could be because throughout history men often leave their homes and families to go fight in wars and wives would pray for their safety and eventual return. Nowadays men often fast and pray for the long life of their wife as well. According to the Hindu calendar, this day falls on the fourth day of the Karthik month, every year.

Karva Chauth wishes
Karva Chauth wishes

1) May this Karva Chauth be super special for you. May the sight of full moon fill your heart with happiness. Wishing you a blessed Karva Chauth. May god bless you with Happy and Prosperous Long Life.

2) आज का दिन है नाम तुम्हारे
जल्दी से आ जाओ आप पास हमारे
है इंतज़ार आपका बेसब्री से
रहो साथ मेरे समाँ जाओ साँसों में

Karva Chauth wishes
Karva Chauth wishes

3) Marriage is always a two-way road to be traveled by one soul and two hearts. Karva Chauth just makes this journey more interesting and glamorous.

4) Happy is the man who finds a true friend, and far happier is he who finds that true friend in his wife.

5) आए तो संग लाये खुशियाँ हज़ार
हर साल मनाएं हम यह त्योहार
भर दे हमारा दामन खुशियों के साथ
दे जाये उम्र तुम्हे हज़ार हज़ार साल
इस व्रत की हर रसम निभाऊँगी..
एक सच्ची पत्नी बन कर दिखाऊँगी..
दुनिया की हर खुशी मेरे पति की होगी..
जब बादलों को चीर कर चाँद की एक किरण दिखेगी ।
करवा चौथ की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें |

Karva Chauth wishes
Karva Chauth wishes
6) You know why women starts with ‘W’ 
Because all questions start with “W”.. 
Who ? 
Why ? 
What ? 
When ? 
Which ? 
Whom ?
 Where ? 
& Finally Wife..!!! Happy Karwa Chauth 

7) The key to a strong marriage is the capacity to give each other a break and to realize that it’s not how the sweet similarities work together but to learn how the differences work together.

8) मेहँदी को लगा दिया है हाथो पर ओर
माथे पर सिंदूर लगाया है
पिया आजा पास हमारे
देख चाँद भी निकल आया है
करवा चौथ की हार्दिक बधाई / Karwa Chauth ki hardik badhai

Karva Chauth wishes
Karva Chauth wishes

9) Karwa Chauth Ka Paavan Vrat पियाजी Aapke Liye Maine Kiya Hai
Kyunki Aap Hi Ke Prem Aur सम्मान Ne Jeewan Ko Naya Rang Diya Hai.

10) Mehendi ka lal rang aapke,
pyar ki gaharai dikhata hai,
Mathe pe lagaya huwa Sindoor,
Aapki duaaye dikhata hai,
Gale me pehna huwa mangalsutra,
Hamara majboot rishta dikhata hai.
Happy Karva Chauth 2020

11) Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It’s a choice of my life with you.

Karva Chauth wishes
Karva Chauth wishes

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