Best Books to read for 5 year old Children during vacation.

August 4, 2020 By Poonam Kushwaha

Best Books a 5-year-old Should Read. Age five is a key year for supporting your child’s reading skills. At this age, kids begin to identify letters, match letters to sounds and recognize the beginning and ending sounds of words. Five-year-old’s still enjoy being read to and they may start telling their own stories, as well.😊

What Your Child Should Experience by Age 5

  • Enjoys being read to and pretends to read aloud from a book.
  • Can make rhymes.
  • Can match some written and spoken words.
  • Knows most letters and can match some letters to the sounds they make.
  • Can write some letters and numbers.
  • Likes to recall simple stories and asks questions about books.

Best Books your 5-year-old Should Read are below:

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

Giraffes Can’t Dance, a picture book by Giles Andreae, is the story of a gangly giraffe who couldn’t participate in the Jungle Dance is the Best Books.

Curious George Curious About Phonics by H. A. Rey

The Curious About Phonics Learn-to-Read program can help your child master the basic phonics skills that are the building blocks for a lifetime is the Best Books.

The Story of Ferdinand by Munro Leaf

The Story of Ferdinand. The Story of Ferdinand (1936) is the best known work written by American author Munro Leaf and illustrated by Robert Lawson. The children’s book tells the story of a bull who would rather smell flowers than fight in bullfights is the Best Books.

The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

Best Books

The book is best known for its message about selfishness and sharing and for the distinctive shiny foil scales of the Rainbow Fish is the Best Books.

Pete the Cat Phonics Box by James Dean.

Best Books

Phonics teaches children the relationship between letters and the sounds they make. A child who has mastered these relationships has an excellent foundation for learning to read and spell is the Best Books.

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

The book also has evocative illustrations made by Shel Silverstein himself, which displays the story between a female apple tree and a boy is the Best Books.

Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is, on one level at least, the story of a girl who disappears down a rabbit hole to a fantastic place full of bizarre adventures is the Best Books.

A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond.

Paddington was effectively born in 1956, when BBC cameraman Michael Bond bought a small toy bear, left alone on the shelves of a Selfridges store, for his wife. This bear was a stowaway, traveling from “Darkest Peru” to the United Kingdom after his former guardian, Aunt Lucy, moved into a Home for Retired Bears is the Best Books.

Go, Dog. GO! by P. D. Eastman.

The book Go Dogs Go! shows the universal theme of happiness because all the dogs happily drive cars and throw parties. All the dogs have a good time! The universal theme of Go Dogs GO! is happiness is the Best Books.

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. This story-poem about the activities of such unusual animals as the Nook, Wump, Yink, Yop, Gack, and the Zeds was originally published in 1960 is the Best Books.

Spiders by Nic Bishop.

Spiders by Nic Bishop is an informational picture book on creepy crawly creatures: spiders. He discusses the origin, life-cycle, and habitat of spiders is the Best Books.

It’s Hard to be Five by Jamie Lee Curtis.

 IT’S HARD TO BE FIVE: Learning How to Work My Control Panel.  Growing up is a challenge, but fun, too! is the Best Books.

Any child can read them at any time. They might be too young to be reading on their own, but plenty of 5-year-olds are starting to crack open books. And even if they don’t know what words are on the page, those burgeoning bookworms can be picky about which titles they like and which they don’t. So to help you find books that 5-year-olds will actually enjoy and that are appropriate for children of that age, because as an adult, it can sometimes be tough to know what kids think is actually cool, not boring.

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