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January 21, 2021 By Swapnil Suryawanshi

The Best Tattoo Studio In Mumbai is Mad Inkers. If you are looking to get inked, Mad Inkers is the best tattoo studio in Mumbai where you can end your search and visit the place .

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Piercing :

The Best Tattoo Studio In Mumbai Mad Inker’s dose Piercing Coz the Bedazzling the ears dates back thousands of years. A testament to the fact that everything old is new again: Dangling, chandelier-style earrings were particularly popular in the 18th century, the Chicago Tribune reported. One of the oldest mummies ever discovered, Otzi the Iceman, had stretched ear lobes, according to the BBC. Nose piercing is mentioned in the Bible.

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Which is the most painful piercing :

Most Painful Piercings :

  • Daith. A daith piercing is a puncture to the lump of cartilage in your inner ear, above the ear canal.
  • Helix. The helix piercing is placed in the cartilage groove of the upper ear.
  • Rook.
  • Conch.
  • Industrial.
  • Dermal Anchor.
  • Septum.
  • Nipple.

What does Pierce mean :

To pierce means to go right through, especially with something sharp. Pierce has several meanings, but they all involve something sharp penetrating something else, like scissors through a plastic bag or a pen through a pocket. You can also pierce confusion by saying something that makes everything clear.

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