Food served on Makar Sankranti In Maharastra .

January 14, 2021 By Swapnil Suryawanshi

Til Chikkis / Laddoos :

Any Makar Sankranti celebration is incomplete without these sweet delicacies which are exchanged and consumed throughout the day. These are made using sesame seeds (til) and jaggery (gud).

People consume the Til chikkis and Panjeeri laddu with a saying “eat these sesame seeds and jaggery and speak sweet words”. By distributing these delicious sweets, people resolve to bury the past and start a productive chapter in their lives. Sesame/Til dishes are common across the whole of India and is served with coconut and jaggery in South India.

Til ke Laddu

Chiwda Curd (Dahi Chooda) :

This is a makar sankrati special from Bihar. A speciality of the East Indian traditions, it is a simple mix of flattened rice (chura or chiwra) and curd (dahi). Instead of sugar, people opt for jaggery to sweeten the dish and add an authentic flavour. You may also add freshly cut vegetables and a little milk to make it a healthy and filling meal.

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Khichdi Papad :

Quite simply, no celebrations are complete without the authentic presence of aromatic khichdi and roasted papad in the North Indian households. Different types of khichdis are prepared in different states of India.

Khichdi with Raita and papad - absolutely heavenly - Picture of Aadi  Ityaadi, Vadodara - Tripadvisor

Churma, Halwa and Kheer :

Sweet Rajasthani churma is a delicious ensemble of wheat roasted in ghee and sugar with dry fruits to enhance the taste. Sooji Halwa and Kheer (many varieties of kheer) dominate the kitchens of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh and adds to the sweetness of this occasion.

Rice Kheer (Indian Rice Pudding) - Cook With Manali

Puran Poli :

This dish originated in Maharashtra and is enjoyed by many people on makar sankranti and other festivals. It is a classic flatbread stuffed with finely chopped jaggery, cooked and mashed chana dal mixed with til (sesame) and roasted gram flour. Pooran poli usually served with oodles of melted ghee poured over it.

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