July 18, 2020 By RJ

Hima Das was born at Kandhulimari village, near the town of Dhing in the state of Assam to Ronjit Das and Jonali Das. Her parents are farmers by profession. She is the youngest of five children. She attended the Dhing Public high School and was initially interested in playing football. Hima Das got advice from a school physical education teacher and she changed to sprint running.

hima das

Journey of Hima’s Life

Hima loved playing all kinds of sports. “She would get upset when she wouldn’t be allowed to play, and I would encourage her to continue, but her mother would be worried that it might affect her studies.

Hima Das enjoyed helping her father and shared his share of work.She loved the work that usually the men of the family would take up. She couldn’t sit still for more than 15 minutes at her desk while studying. She just wanted to be out in the fields, playing`

Hima Das talks about how, in school, she would practice football without proper shoes and how her physical education teacher, impressed by her speed, asked her to participate in the inter-district athletics competition. Winning the competition opened many doors for her.

Achievements of Hima Das in 2018

  • In July, 2018, She won the 400 m final at the World U-20 Championships at Tampere in Finland by clocking 51.46 seconds.
  • Hima also won a silver medal in the 4×400 metre mixed relay with a timing of 50.79 seconds at Asian Games in 2018
  • She also set an Indian U-20 record of 51.32 seconds to finish sixth in the Commonwealth Games 400m final at Gold Coast in April 2018.
hima das

Achievements of Hima Das in 2019

  • She won 200m Gold clocking 23.65 seconds in Poznan Athletics Grand Prix in Poland on July 2,2019.
  • On July 7,2019 Hima Das won 200m gold in just 23.97 seconds at the Kutno Athletics Meet in Poland.
  •  On July 13, 2019 she won 200m gold at the Kladno Athletics Meet in the Czech Republic; time taken 23.43 seconds.
  • Das won the gold medal in the 200m race clocking 23.25 seconds at Tabor Athletics Meet Czech Republic time on July 17,2019.
  • On 20 July 2019, she won the gold medal in the 400 metre in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic; time taken was 52.09 seconds.
hima das

Awards won by Hima Das

  • Hima das was conferred with Arjuna Award in 2018.
  • Hima got appointed as the India’s first ever youth ambassador of UNICEF-India in 2018.
  • Hima Das is the only 2nd athlete from Assam after Bhogeswar Baruah to win a gold medal at an International event.
  • She has been appointed as the sports brand ambassador of Assam by the Government of Assam.

What we can learn from Hima das

  • Your background is not an excuse: She was wearing cheap spikes but she won the gold in the 100m and 200m,She ran like the wind.This shows that if we are confident we can achieve anything.
  • Nothing is impossible: In the world championship, Hima competed with sprinters from the US and Jamaica and proved her detractors wrong by winning the gold.there are ways that lead to everything, and if we had sufficient will we should always have sufficient means. It is often merely for an excuse that we say things are impossible.
  • Don’t lose sight of the big picture: With each game, Hima was preparing for the big day,her efforts paid off as she brought home the first gold medal.This says that a whole or complete situation, including all the things that it affects, not just one part of it. It’s important we don’t lose sight of the big picture when we make these decisions.
  • Be humble: After the big win, Hima did not forget the hardships of her parents and the people who helped her in the journey.Pride makes us artificial and humbleness makes us real.
  • Dream big: Hima is celebrating her win but is also preparing for her future.I don’t run after medals, I run after time says Das.Dare to dream big dreams. Believe that you can do great things. Keep going until you achieve. If you can imagine it, you can feel it, if you just believe it, you can do it. Dream bigger, believe with all your heart, face your fears, achieve your dreams