Inter Sex .

January 13, 2021 By Swapnil Suryawanshi

Intersex people are individuals born with any of several variations in sex characteristics including chromosomesgonadssex hormones or genitals that, according to the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, “do not fit the typical definitions for male or female bodies”. Though the range of atypical sex characteristics may be obvious from birth through the presence of physically ambiguous genitalia, in other instances, these atypical characteristics may go unnoticed, presenting as ambiguous internal reproductive organs or atypical chromosomes that may remain unknown to an individual all of their life.

Model Hanne Gaby Odiele photographed by Ed Kavishe for Fashionwirepress. In 2017 Odiele disclosed that they have the intersex trait androgen insensitivity syndrome.

Clearing Up Misconceptions About Intersex Conditions | St. Louis Public  Radio

In biological terms, sex may be determined by a number of factors present at birth, including:

  • the number and type of sex chromosomes,
  • the type of gonads—ovaries or testicles,
  • sex hormone levels,
  • the internal reproductive anatomy (such as the uterus in females), and
  • the external genitalia.

Hermaphroditus in a wall painting from Herculaneum (first half of the 1st century AD)