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Jai Singh II

Jai Singh II was the Hindu Rajput ruler of the kingdom of Amber, he later founded the fortified city of Jaipur and made it his capital. He was born at Amber, the capital of the Kachwahas. He became ruler of Amber at the age of 11 after his father Maharaja Bishan Singh died on 31 December 1699.

Born: 3 November 1688, AmerDied: 21 September 1743, JaipurSuccessorIshvari SinghReign: 1699–1743BooksSawai Jai Singh and His AstronomyParentsBishan SinghIndar Kanwar of Kharwa.

Died‎: ‎28 August 1667 (aged 56); ‎Burhanpur‎, …Mother‎: ‎Damiyanti of ‎UdaipurFather‎: ‎Raja Maha SinghSuccessor‎: ‎Ram Singh I

Jai Singh I
Reign13 December 1621 – 28 August 1667
PredecessorBhau Singh
SuccessorRam Singh I
Born15 July 1611
Amer, India
Died28 August 1667 (aged 56)
BurhanpurMadhya Pradesh, India
SpouseRani Sukmati (1622–1700)Rajiba bai (d.1667)
Issue5 daughters and 2 sons, including:Ram Singh ISukijawati bai (1641–1693)Nizam bai (1647–1716)
FatherRaja Maha Singh[1]
MotherDamiyanti of Udaipur


Ram Singh16401688
Rajkumari shukijawati164116931 son
kunvri dayamati bai16501683none
Nizam bal begum16471716jahandar shah,firoza bamu begum
Kunvar Chandra Singh16491679none
Kunvar jagat Singh166717022 sons

History :

In 1657 Shah Jahan fell seriously ill, to the extent that he was incapacitated. Dara’s three younger brothers made preparations to seize the throne. Shah Shuja in Bengal and Murad in Gujarat crowned themselves emperors, but the clever Aurangzeb merely declared his intention of rescuing his father for the sake of Islam (Dara being avowedly secular). In the face of these triple dangers, Dara Shikoh now remembered Jai Singh—the Rajput chief was made commander of 6000 and sent east along with Dara’s son Sulaiman and the Afghan general Diler Khan.

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Central Asian campaigns ;

In 1638 the fort of Kandahar was surrendered by its Safavid Persian commander, Ali Mardan Khan, to Shah Jahan. The emperor’s son Shuja, accompanied by Jai Singh, was sent to take delivery of this important fort. To overawe the Persian Shah from interfering in this task, Shah Jahan assembled a 50,000 strong army in Kabul. On this occasion Jai Singh received the unique title of Mirza Raja from Shah Jahan, which had earlier been given to his grandfather Raja Man Singh I of Amber by Emperor Akbar.

In 1647 Raja Jai Singh joined in Shah Jahan’s invasion of Balkh and Badakshan in Central Asia.