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London Stock Exchange is a stock exchange in the City of LondonEngland. As of April 2018, London Stock Exchange had a market capitalisation of US$4.59 trillion (GB£3,509,633,340,000). It was founded in 1801, making it one of the oldest exchanges in the world.Its current premises are situated in Paternoster Square close to St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. It is part of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG). London Stock Exchange Group was created in October 2007 when London Stock Exchange merged with Milan Stock Exchange, Borsa Italiana.

London Stock Exchange :

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London Stock Exchange is a stock exchange in the City of London, England. As of April 2018, London Stock Exchange had a market capitalisation of US$4.59 trillion. It was founded in 1801, making it one of the oldest exchanges in the world.


What is the London Stock Exchange :

The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is the primary stock exchange in the United Kingdom and the largest in Europe. … The Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE) 100 Share Index, or “Footsie”, is the dominant index, containing 100 of the top blue-chip stocks on the LSE..

Is Tesla listed on London Stock Exchange :

Tesla Inc Tesla Ord (Cdi) is listed on the London Stock Exchange, trading with ticker code 0R0X. It has a market capitalisation of $632,913m, with approximately 948m shares in issue.

The Stock Exchange Tower pictured from atop the National Westminster Tower in 1983.

What is the UK stock market doing today :

FTSE 100 »6,529.18-0.33%
Euro Stox »1,528.72-0.28%
S&P »3,709.41-0.35%
Nikkei 225 »26,763.39-0.16%

History :

Coffee House :

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The Royal Exchange had been founded by English financier Thomas Gresham and Sir Richard Clough on the model of the Antwerp Bourse. It was opened by Elizabeth I of England in 1571.

London Stock Exchange in 1810