Mahabaleshwar .

January 4, 2021 By Swapnil Suryawanshi

Mahabaleshwar is a small town and a municipal council in Satara district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.It is a place of pilgrimage for Hindus because the Krishna river has its origins here. The British colonial rulers developed the town as a hill station, and served as the summer capital of Bombay Presidency during the British Raj.

Geography ;

Mahabaleshwar is located on the mountainous Sahyadri range of the Western ghats that run North to south along western coast of India. The coordinates of the town are 17.9237°N 73.6586°E. Mahabaleshwar is a vast plateau measuring 150 km2 (58 sq mi), bound by valleys on all sides. It reaches a height of 1,439 m (4,721 ft) at its highest peak above sea level, known as Wilson/Sunrise Point The town is about 120 km (75 mi) southwest of Pune and 285 km (177 mi) from Mumbai .

Old Mahabaleshwar :

Panchaganga temple in Old Mahabaleshwar, 1850s

In old Mahabaleshwar, 7 km from Mahabaleshwar, there are many tourist points and 5 temples to see, with examples of old Indian architecture. There are also natural view points, some of them named by the 19th-century British colonial rulers.


Which is the best tiem to visit Mahabaleshwar :

Mahabaleshwar has primarily two seasons: summer and monsoon with the post-monsoon season being the cooler months, not colder. Notwithstanding, the ideal time to plan Mahabaleshwar is summer from March to June with an average temperature of 33 degree Celsius.

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Is it safe to travel to Mahabaleshwar now :

TodayMahabaleshwar and Panchgani are the safest places as there are no coronavirus cases here so far.

Which river starts from Mahabaleshwar :

Krishna RiverMahabaleshwar region is the source of the Krishna River that flows across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The legendary source of the river is a spout from the mouth of a statue of a cow in the ancient temple of Mahadev in Old Mahabaleshwar.