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January 21, 2021 By Swapnil Suryawanshi

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Why the Medusa peiercing so trendingh and why do people want 1 .

Whether you’re new to the world of body piercing or have been part of the community for some time, you’ve probably heard about one of the newest trending piercings to hit the scene. The medusa piercing has quickly become one of the most-requested piercing styles out there, especially for anyone looking for a stylish and unique way to express themselves.

What is a Medusa Piercing :

A medusa piercing, also known as a philtrum piercing, is located directly between your upper lip and the base of your nose. Centered on the natural groove, a medusa piercing can be a subtle style statement on its own, or be complemented by other facial piercings for a bold look.


Unlike a Monroe piercing, which is positioned either in the left or right side right above your upper lip, the medusa piercing is placed in the center. Variations on medusa piercings include the double medusa (two piercings in the area), and the jestrum piercing (a vertical piercing in a similar style).

Why are Medusa Piercings So Popular :

Anytime a certain piercing style is trending, you may wonder exactly what it is that makes it so popular. For the medusa piercings, its widespread popularity is likely due to how versatile it can be.

Whether you’re heavily pierced or are just considering your first piece of body jewelry, a medusa piercing can accentuate your natural features and add a subtle touch. Or, if you prefer to make a more dramatic statement, swapping out a simple stud for something more eye-catching can completely transform the look.


What Types of Medusa Piercing Jewelry Can I Choose From :

The most popular type of medusa jewelry is a labret stud, which is comprised of a barbell, a flat disc-style back, and a bead (or some type of charm) on the front.

A medusa piercing usually works well with either 14 or 16 gauge labret, though your piercer will probably recommend a particular option to suit your face shape and desired look.


Do Medusa Piercings Hurt :

Because a medusa piercing is just a single puncture, the process is very quick. Like most piercings, there is mild pain – usually described as a fast pinch – but most people find it to be tolerable.

Because of its location, this piercing will swell, sometimes substantially, in the first several days after the piercing. Your piercer will suggest jewelry long enough to allow for this initial swelling.


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