Powerful Goddess Santoshi Mata – Hindu folklore.

October 14, 2020 By Poonam Kushwaha

Santoshi Mata (Hindi: संतोषी माता or संतोषी माँ) is a goddess in the Hindu folklore. She is venerated as “the Mother of Satisfaction”, the meaning of her name. She is particularly worshipped by women of North India.

Santoshi Mata devotees worship her for getting their wishes fulfilled and offer jaggery and chickpeas as tokens of devotion. According to one of the many popular beliefs, Santoshi Mata is Lord Ganesha’s daughter. She was born after her brothers Kshema and Labha expressed their desire to have a sister.

Devotees observe Santoshi Mata fast for 16 continuous Fridays. The devotees perform puja of the Santoshi Mata by offering flowers, incense, and roasted chickpeas with raw jaggery.

It is always preferable that you chant Jai Santoshi Mata aarti only after being freed from your daily morning tasks and post taking a bath. Light a diya in front of Santoshi Mata’s idol or picture. Offer her red flowers along with meetha prasad and then recite the aarti. To get the maximum benefit, you should first understand the meaning of the aarti.

After effectively observing the fast for 16 Fridays, devotees must perform a unique custom called Udyapan. This is done by offering food to eight children. Udyapan is also called the closure custom of the Santoshi Mata Vart Katha Puja. Upon the arrival of Udyapan, you need to recite Mata Santoshi’s story and then perform Jai Maa Santoshi Aarti. Finally, distribute the Prasad. Remember that you can’t use and serve any sour food item to kids.

Maa Santoshi Friday Fast Story:

Once in a village, there was an old lady. She had seven sons out of which six were doing well and were earning handsome salaries. The old lady was prejudiced. She used prepare good meals for her six sons and serve them generously and all the leftover, she used to give to the seventh son. The seventh son was very innocent and he thought his mother adores him to much that she gives him good meals. One day he his wife told him truth but her husband was not ready to accept it .

The day came when there was a big festival and the mother made seven different dishes and special dessert as “Laadu” for her children. The seventh son wanted to test his mother and slept in the kitchen seeing all the activities. His mother served the six sons with best of the dishes and then she collected the leftovers from their plates and made one new plate for her seventh son. Then she gave him .

The son replied “I am not hungry; I will not eat food, I will just go to town.” Mom replied “if you are planning to go tomorrow, go today.” He left his house. While leaving he went to see his wife who was busy making cow dung cakes.

Santoshi Mata

He said – Hum videsh ko ja rahe hai, Aayenge kuch kaal,
Tum rahiyo santosh se, Dharam aapno paal.

Means I am going to aboard and will come after some year, you live with patient and be religious .

His wife replied –
Jao piya aanand se, Haamari sooch hataye,
Ram bharose hum rahe, ishwar tumhe sahaye;
Dehu nishani aapni, Dekh dheroon main dheer,
sudhi haamari na bisrayo, Rakhyo maan gambhir.

Means This means she told her husband to go without thinking of her and he should give her some token so that she don’t forget her and token remind about wife.

He reached a town far from his village. He went to a shopkeeper and asked for the job. The shopkeeper was in need a person who helps him his work. He kept him and told him that he will be paid accordingly to his work efficiency. By hard work the man within 2-3 months he became the share holder of half the profit of the shop. In twelve years he himself became a well-known owner.

His boss left all the responsibilities on him and left.
On the other hand his wife was in great trouble. Her mother-in-law and sister-in-laws were very unkind to her. They used to send her to the forest to collect wood sticks for fire and they used to give her leftover food and water in coconut shell. She was tortured physically and mentally .

Once when she was on her way to Jungle, she saw few women doing some rituals and fast. She knew that they are doing to happy Maa Santoshi and she also learned the process of fast to overcome all problems .
On her way, she sold all the wood and money which she got from that she bought Gud and Channa . She went to Maa Santoshi Temple and lied down at Mata’s feet and started crying bitterly.

She requested Santoshi Mata to free her from all problems. Mata became sympathetically. One Friday the letter from her husband came and another Friday there was money from him. But woman asked goddess to her husband back.

Mata blessed her and said – “Go, your husband will definitely come.” She went home happily and continued working. Mata went to her husband’s dreams and reminded him of his wife. He said – “Mata I am busy with work and how can I go, the transactions cannot be wrapped to speedily.” Mata replied – “tomorrow morning after shower just take my name, lit a Diya and see all your transactions will be cleared and you will have lot of money to take back.”

Santoshi Mata

In morning when he told everyone about his dream, people mocking and told such things happen only in dreams. But he bowed his head and lit a ghee diya in Mata’s name. After that he went to shop. Miracle happened. All his transactions were resolved and he had lot of money in the end. He became happy and started buying things for his family and he left for his home.

With wood sticks bundle on her head she went home and called her mother-in-law – “sasuji, take the wood sticks and give the left over to eat, water in coconut shell, who is the guest today?” On hearing this, her mother-in-law with her fake concern came out and told her – “Bahu your husband come, Come have delicious food and wear these good cloths and ornaments.” On listening this, her husband came out and recognized the token “ring” he gave her. He asked – “who is she?”

His mother replied – “she is your wife, in these twelve years she has become mad, she just keep on wandering and didn’t do any work, today after seeing you she is throwing tantrums.” He said “I know both of you, give me the keys of other house, I will live there.”

His mother said – “as you wish” and threw the bundle of keys in front of him. He kept his stuff on the III floor. In just one day the place became like a king’s palace. Friday came and wife told her husband she wanted to do Santoshi Mata’s fast and want to do “Udhyapan” (a conculudatory fast).He agreed. She started to prepare for the “Udhyapan”.

She invited her niece for the food. They accepted the invitation, and their mothers told them to ask for some altrums stuff to eat so that her fast is ruined. Boy did the same. After they had food they asked for something sour. She said – “sour can not be eaten today, as it is not allowed with Santoshi Mata’s Prasad.” Boys got up and asked for money. She was innocent so she gave them money. The boys went and had tamarind from that money. Santoshi Mata become angry with this and king men arrested her husband. 

Maa Santoshi Worship
Santoshi Mata

She became very helpless and rushed to Mata’s feet and asked – “Mata what is this? Why all sorrows have come back?” Mata replied – “you have made mistake in the process of fast, you have forgotten everything so early.” She replied I made the mistake, I was not aware that boys will buy sour stuff out of money, I will once again do Udhyapan; Mata please forgive me.” Mata said you go home, you will find your husband on you way home. He said king just called him to meet and he met him.

They went home.
Friday arrived. She again planned Udhyapan. She again invited the boys (her niece). Their mothers again asked them to repeat the same. The boys again asked for something sour after food. She reluctantly told – “you will not get anything sour, come if you want to.” After that she invited Brahmin kids for food. Santoshi Mata become happy with her dedicated worship and blessed her. Mata’s blessing brought her a son in ninth month. She started going to temple with her son everyday.

One day Mata thought she comes everyday, today I shall visit her. I should see her house. Thinking this Santoshi Mata incarnated a giant avatar, jagarrey and chaana in her mouth and her lips were like elephant trunk, on which flies were roaming. Like this Mata went to her place. As Mata entered, her mother-in-law got scared and started shouting some devil is coming in, throw her out otherwise she will eat some one.

The seventh daughter-in-law was standing on window and was watching this. She came running – “today my Mata has come to my place.” Her mother-in-law got worried that why is she so restless that she has thrown her son away.

Due to Mata’s power with in a while there were all boys seen around. She told her mother-in-law that this is Santoshi Mata whom I worship and due to her blessing we have flourished. Listening this all opened their doors and windows and went to Mata’s feet and asked for forgiveness.

They started eamenting – “Mata we are fools, ignorant, we have hampered your fast and Udhyapan; Hey Mata kindly forgive us.” Listening this Santoshi Mata became happy. The way Mata has been king to her worshiper let she be kind and generous to everyone. One who read this Katha, all their wishes are fulfilled.

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