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The Sex Party was a political party based in British Columbia, Canada. The party was guided by the philosophy of the sex-positive movement. Among other points, the party advocated for reform of sex education in schools so that sexual issues are taught more gradually over time and included a more comprehensive coverage of them. They advocated for the repeal of laws that promote antisexualism, such as prostitution laws and censorship. They also supported making Valentine’s Day a statutory holiday and renaming Victoria Day to Eros Day.

The Sex Party was active for nearly eight years, between March 2005 and December 2012 when it de-registered with Elections BC. Its leader was John Ince, a Vancouver lawyer, author of The Politics of Lust and small business owner. He was one of three candidates representing The Sex Party in the May 2005 provincial election and one of the party’s three candidates in the 2009 provincial election. None of its candidates won an election. The party attempted to become active in the 2006 federal election but encountered resistance from Canada Post, which refused to distribute its election material. The Sex Party challenged the Canada Post decision in federal court.

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Political positions :

The Sex Party was guided by the philosophy of sex-positivism.[1] While the party did not maintain a full slate of policy positions, both its federal and provincial election platforms have three goals: reform of how sex education is taught.

2005 provincial election :

The Sex Party was registered with Elections BC in March 2005 with its founder, John Ince, also acting as the party leader. Ince was a Vancouver lawyer, author and co-owner of a store that hosted educational seminars and artistic shows about human sexuality, as well as selling sex-themed merchandise.

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The party nominated three candidates in the May 17, 2005 provincial election, none of whom were elected:

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