Top Online Scams You Need to avoid (Real time experience)

August 15, 2020 By RJ


When everybody is fighting this pandemic there are some mean people who is misusing these situation and creating scams. Friend of mine who lost job recently due to COVID-19 was looking out for a job where he saw the job posting on facebook and contacted her. Here begins the scam part.

Beginning of the scam


My friend contacts this facebook lady to know if he can do some job so that he can get some money for living. The lady drops him his number on facebook.

Then he messaged her on whats app seeking for some job.

When he chats with her he finds out its something related to binary trading and he would like to keep away from such things but as the situation is worst he tries to try out with minimum 2k. Please see below screens of conversation the conversation is so much fun if you see how people can be so cruel

As you can see in the screen that the lady promises him for good return as he doesn’t have any option opts for small risk of 2k. Then starts an emotional trauma please sea below screens how some one can torture if they know your weak point.

Read the conversation how some one can trick you. The conversation the person is asking and begging to return the money but goes on falling in the trap. The next conversation shows it goes on & on.

The lady has taken 20K but no return yet just 2k investment has gone so bad even after he says the problem he is going through. But each times the lady comes with different commission. Even if he asks for his amount there is no way to take out.

I will be providing you the details of the lady and FB profile but it is hacked profile or genuine or misused profile picture I am not sure. Please be away from such scams. If you wanna see her profile click here
The payment was done to the below number: 9317324000

There are some genuine business posts in online but some people are just taking advantage of the condition one is going through. He is being harassed mentally. He is in such a trauma that he lost money of 20K torture and mental harassment. This kind of scams are taking away the genuine opportunity and lack of trust. Please do not misuse the social media platform and the trust that is left in people somewhere. Especially in the situation like COVID where everyone is going through so much trauma and depression, financial condition.

Please share this post if anyone is going through same situation they can make themselves aware from this scam all details of this lady with facebook profile is given. Also comment your thoughts how we can improve such situation and avoid such scams. Please share this post and give justice for my friend.