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A Woodland  is, in the broad sense, land covered with trees or in a narrow sense, synonymous with wood (or in the U.S., the plurale tantum woods), a low-density forest forming open habitats with plenty of sunlight and limited shade (see differences between British, American, and Australian English explained below). Woodlands may support an understory of shrubs and herbaceous plants including grasses. Woodland may form a transition to shrubland under drier conditions or during early stages of primary or secondary succession. Higher density areas of trees with a largely closed canopy that provides extensive and nearly continuous shade are often referred to as forests.

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Is Woodland an Indian brand :

Woodland was a brand born in India in 1992After the breakup of USSR into independent states, Aero Club which is the parent company of Woodland could not ship its products to Russia anymore. Hence it introduced outdoor shoes for Indian customers under the brand label, ‘Woodland‘.

Definitions :

United Kingdom

Woodland is used in British woodland management to mean tree-covered areas which arose naturally and which are then managed, while forest is usually used in the British Isles to describe plantations, usually more extensive, or hunting Forests, which are a land use with a legal definition and may not be wooded at all. The term ancient woodland is used in British nature conservation to refer to any wooded land that has existed since 1600, and often (though not always) for thousands of years, since the last Ice Age (equivalent to the American term old-growth forest).

Is Woods brand of Woodland :

Harkirat Singh, MD, Woodland, told TOI: “Woods won’t piggyback on Woodland any more. … As Woods as a brand has started to grow, we have decided to give it a push following 25 years’ of Woodland’s existence.” Woods is an iconic British-style brand which offers formal and semi-casual footwear, apparel and accessories.

North America :

Woodlot is a closely related American term which refers to a stand of trees generally used for firewood. While woodlots often technically have closed canopies, they are so small that light penetration from the edge makes them ecologically closer to woodland than forest.

How do I identify my woodland shoes :

The original woodland shoes have a very small and mostly hidden and it is very easy to understand if it is real or not. You can also scratch the logo on the boots a little bit to see if it is falling off or not. In case of the original woodland shoes, the logo will never come out.

Who is the CEO of Woodland :

Harkirat SinghHarkirat Singh is the Managing Director of Woodland Worldwide, an outdoor brand by Aero Group. He shares his words of wisdom with Fibre2fashion Correspondent Manushi Gandhi.

Oak disease :

Sudden oak death (SOD), an oak disease, results from Phytophthora ramorum, a pathogen that thrives in moist, humid conditions.[8] This causal agent attacks the phloem and cambium of oaks, allowing beetle and fungi infestation. It has killed millions of tanoaks since it was discovered in the mid-1990s. SOD does not affect white oaks and drier areas like foothill woodlands, but affects forests and more moist conditions like live oak woodlands and forests, which have been significantly impacted.

Which is better woodland or Red Chief :

Woodland is better than Red Chief in terms of reliability. But as woodland provides all heavy stuff so if you want some decent light weight then go for Red Chief. You can go for Franklin as well if you like.

An open woodland in Northern Illinois supporting an herbaceous understory of forbs and grasses.

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